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The Apple iPad Air

The Apple iPad Air

The boys at Cupertino are not over yet. In fact, we have more to look forward to from them, in the name of tech gadgets. Even with competition buffeting them from every direction, notably from South Korea, they continue to astound by giving high-end tablets and smartphones. In fact, many people swear by their products and swear at other products.

Rated the best tablet of the year 2013, we have a feeling that this device will keep its slot at the top of the list of great tablets for most or for all of 2014. Here is a simple review of the iPad Air. Read on

The styling of the iPad Air is almost identical to that of the iPad Mini. However, Air is, just as its name suggests, far lighter. We call this futuristic technology where a gadget packs more features, yet is as light as air. This gadget comes with some built-in apps like iLife and iWork, therefore saving users the pain of downloading, not that downloading from the app store is hard, but it does take effort, energy, and money, sometimes.

It runs on the fast, latest Apple software, the iOS 7. This is fast and feature full. In addition, the large retina display is really top of the range, making the iPad Air one great device for viewing movies and images. If you are looking for a light, interactive device that you can use on one hand, this is it.

It has more than enough ports for your use. For example, on the top edge,...



there is the headphone port. The power button is also located there. On the top right, we have the rotation lock button, the volume control and on the lower right, we have the microSIM slot. At the bottom edge, we have the lightning port and two speakers.

The traditional Apple tablet display is continued in the Air, with 9.7-inch Retina display, packing a resolution of 2048 by 1536. This display, although not the highest in the tablet market, makes viewing movies and images just as amazing as if you were seeing the characters live. You will be able to see the smallest details, that is, if they were picked by the camera.

Are you looking for audio quality? You will have it in the Air. The sound quality is amazing and when listening to songs, you can hear every guitar strum. You will also love to know that the battery life can last a long time, say, about 11 hours or thereabouts when you are on 40 percent brightness.

One of the cons that you will notice is that the iPad Air heats up a bit when it is in use, but it will never get too hot for you to hold in the palm of your hand. If you are looking for a tablet that runs on the rich iOS 7, has long battery life and can be held on one hand in the metro home, the Air is the device to buy. It is light, high performing and very dependable. You will love it very much.

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