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7 Tips for Mobile Phone Security That You Always Ignore

Mobile Phone Security

Your mobile phone is the most important device. It never leaves your pocket and you know what? An average joe, that is, a guy that uses his phone for fun rather than business will glance at it about 150 times a day. For a person who uses their phone for business, chances are that you would not want to let it out of your site. However, do you know that there are simple security tips for your mobile phone that you always ignore? Read on

1. SIM PIN – This is perhaps the most basic of all phone security. However, most people leave the factory settings on but those are too risky. It is important that you change them. It is easy. It will not take much of your time. You should also make sure that your handset is locked with a password. This will prevent thieves from accessing any of your data should you lose your mobile phone. The phone lock will also ensure that the mobile will not be used.

2. Set it on auto lock for 30 seconds of staying in standby mode. Should you forget your mobile anywhere; the lock will prevent anyone from getting to your data.

3. Only get apps from reputable mobile...



app providers. Do not download any unknown apps to your mobile. Do not also go to any unknown websites. That could spell disaster if you get diverted to malicious sites.

Phone Security

Phone Security

4. Put your mobile phone on automatic software updates. This will ensure that whenever there are any new updates, they are installed automatically. This ensures that everything is working right.

5. Do not use open public Wi-Fi networks. Such are very dangerous and they could give malicious people access to your financial information, especially when you carry out a financial transaction from your phone over an open Wi-Fi network. If you are using Bluetooth, turn it off as soon as you are finished. No one can access your data.

6. Set up mobile tracking if your phone is so enabled. Should another SIM card be used in the phone, you can be alerted immediately.

7. Make a habit of backing up your data as often as possible. You can back it on cloud or you can back it up on memory cards. If you decide to sell the mobile phone, you should delete all of your data. Most likely, you should reset the settings to factory settings.

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