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Why Moto X was awarded the best android Smartphone of 2013

Moto X

Many android phones were manufactured and thrown into the market in 2013. While many of these android phones made by different mobile phone companies came with new features to make mobile telephony better and more exciting, others tried to improve on their old features and those of others. Now, with the current competition in the mobile technology world, any firm that produces a mobile Smartphone that wins any form of award has really done well, what more of when the phone is named the android phone of the year. This means that a lot of things really contributed to make this possible.

Moto X

Moto X

Many features made the Moto X to be named the best android Smartphone of 2013. These features include the great and unique voice control that it comes with. Others include the fact that many of the features of the Smartphone are customizable, while others include its low price. The Moto X android Smartphone also has its mode of sale and delivery applauded. With the new American assembly, you can order for the phone and get it in five days. It comes in numerous colors, and you are allowed to choose according to your preference.

It is obviously the only Smartphone that comes with the voice control which is always listening. This structured tweak from the producers is the main reason it is the best. It teaches and instructs the phone to respond only to the voice of its owner. This includes waking the phone up by saying “OK, Google Now,” and setting it ready for other commands.

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this, the phone can be used totally hands free, in the sense that you can set alarms, make Google search and even make calls just with the voice or by saying  the commands you want the phone to obey. This shows that it is only Motorola that understand what it means for a phone to be 100% hands free.

Another great thing about the Moto X is that it has a display that is a little bit reduced than what you get with the other competitors. This makes it easier to hold, without tampering on its display and picture output. It has a 720p resolution, and this reduces the battery power consumption, making it also to last longer than that of others. With the OLED, which is an organic light emitting diode, the phone performs better than all other android smart phones when you use it in areas of bright light and direct sunlight.

This feature also has a lot of ways through which it helps in saving energy for the phone to be used for other apps. This includes the white interface minimalist display that will allow you to view messages and notifications without bright light. Have you seen a phone that has its camera designed in such a way that you can press anywhere on the screen to take a photo? This is what the Moto X comes with. Again, you can open the camera directly with two flips of the wrist, even when the phone is in sleeping mode.

Other things are the features that take car of situations. This includes reading the text messages louder when you are in a noisy environment and trying to mute your alerts whenever you have it in the meeting mode.

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