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Features that make the Samsung Galaxy S4 greater than others

Samsung Galaxy S4

The Samsung galaxy S4 is obviously one of the best smart phones of 2013. When we confirm it as one of the best smart phones that was thrown into the market in 2013, we are doing this with a reason, and in all honesty, we need to clarify the reasons why we see it as being so. A friend of mine once said that if he is allowed to do the pick, he will make the Samsung galaxy S4 the fifth best android Smartphone of 2013. But I will definitely make it my number one. This is due to the numerous features.

Perhaps the reason why I see this phone as being great is because I reside in areas where the electricity supply is limited and therefore power problem becomes a perennial one. But wait, a good look at the greater population of the world also indicates that more than half the population will have the same power problem with me, either because of electricity supply, because of the number of applications they run on the Smartphone or because of the fact that they have jobs that does not give them the chance to charge their batteries constantly. This is solved with the S4, because it comes with a removable battery which can be replaced with 3rd party batteries that is far better than what...



it comes with. The next great leap is that it has a better screen than almost all other smart phones made before it, including the Z1. This is noticed especially when you make use of the GS4 off angles.

This phone also boasts of extra 2GB of data when you turn it on more than other smart phones have. This is awesome. It also comes with the S-Beam, which will be very beneficial to you if you have friends that also make use of Samsung phones. Others are the pop-out video and the multi-view features.

This phone also comes with the very valuable snapdragon processor. Another area where this phone reigns supreme is when it comes to the earpiece and speaker phone. Here, it has all these louder than other smart phones. And this you can control with the specific buttons for this. Another great feature of S4 is that the camera performance is steadier than what you get in many of the other smart phones.

But one thing to note is that there are some features of the S4 which you might not be comfortable with. This comes to the agitation that Samsung should make majority of their apps downloadable, so that you can uninstall them when you feel you do not need them. Features like the Air gestures might not appeal to many people.

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