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Similarities and dissimilarities between Techno Phantom A2 and A3

Phantom A2 and A3

These two phones from the same series that come from the same manufacturer are among the most popular in the mobile world of today. In fact if you take a research on the most used mobile phones in the developing world, these will come out tops. This is because of the low priced nature of the phones and the fact that they are strong. Another thing that makes people to prefer them is the fact hat the BBM by blackberry which used to be the beautiful bride of all who use the blackberry Smartphone have also been incorporated in these. But amidst this increase in demands, many people are still confused on which to buy among the two.

In order to help them make the better choice, we are going to do a comparison of the two. The main similarity that lies in both includes the fact that the A2 and A3 both runs on the android...



Jelly Bean OS. They both come with a 13 amp rear camera and an 8MP front facing camera. They both come with double SIM and have 1GB RAM, also the two have a network capability of 3.75G.

But they also have some differences, and these include the fact that the A3 is bigger in size with its 6-inch Capacitive HD Touch screen. Now, while the A2 comes with a 4GB ROM, the A3 has a whooping 16GB internal memory. Other differences come in the fact that the a3 has a 1.5GHz quad core processor, while the A2 has a smaller 1.2GHz processor.

When it comes to the blackberry messenger, though it can work on the two phones, the A3 has it completely pre-installed, and this means that you do not have to download it again, just like you will do with the A2. Another difference lies in the price, and here, the A3 is definitely higher in price.

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