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Features That Make HTC One Better Than Other Smart Phones

Features HTC Features HTC

I have fallen in love with the HTC one. Many people think that this love is because of the sleek, slim and very simple and gorgeous nature of the phone. This is obviously included, but not the only thing. There many features that this phone comes with which other phones do not have and I enjoy them so much that my love for the phone has grown so much.

The Blinkfield which is a new feature from HTC comes with the one, and this will give you an avalanche of materials from different newspapers and magazines just on one front. Your social media is also integrated so that you can move from one to the other, viewing all your updates without leaving the page.

Hardware layout is a whole different case altogether, as you can now navigate to wherever with only the two keys of home and back. The home screen is accessed by taping the home button just once, while double tapping will take you to a list that gives you all the apps that were opened...



recently. On the back screen, it will take you one step back when you press once, but double tapping will open the task bar for you.

The 4MP Ultra Pixel camera is where HTC killed all other phones. It is obvious that the reasons why we buy the big phones are because of their media capabilities, and HTC one killed all the other phones by jettisoning the megapixel war to come out with 4MP ultra pixel. The simple meaning of this is that images capture all and even more of the natural light in the environment where it is taken, and it makes it brighter. Another one is that there is also a reduction of noise while capturing is done. This is also enhanced by the Optical Image Stabilization and the F2 lens

Android; yes, it comes with android 4.1 (Jelly Bean). But this time, it comes with some layer of the latest Sense UI. The simple meaning is that you can scroll the home screen vertically and easily view what updates you have from the social media.


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