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All You Need to Know About Samsung’s Foldable Phone

The latest Samsung flagship, the samsung galaxy note8 with s pen is now in the market but that has not stopped fans and tech geeks alike clamoring for the rumored phone with a foldable display from Samsung. It is the much talked about Samsung Galaxy X. There have been a lot of rumors, articles, remarks and comments on this phone but we haven’t seen a physical device yet. This article will feature all that we know about the device since it came to limelight.



In 2011, some researchers at the South Korea’s Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (SAIT) made known the fact that they had built a working foldable device. The prototype had a display that could fold in half using advanced AMOLED technology.

In December, Samsung posted a concept video to YouTube which showed a flexible mobile device. The device was shown to run various things.


In 2012, news broke out that Samsung had filed a patent for a smartphone that was a dual screen device joined by a hinge. It was different from the device that was in the initial concept video released in 2011. The device was described as having a stylus that could be removed from the hinge in the patent.

Later that year, an article in the Wall Street Journal revealed that Samsung was in the last phase of developing devices with flexible displays.


We finally had a rumored name in 2013. It was the rumored Samsung galaxy Q. The upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 3 was also rumored to feature a bendable screen. A report came out that Samsung had filed a patent for a flexible display. Another concept video was released by Samsung. Later that year, Samsung officially confirmed that it would be releasing foldable phones in the future.


Early 2014, various analysts opined that Samsung would be releasing smartphones with bent displays. The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 was rumored to have a bent display. Eventually, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Edge featured a curved screen on one side. This curved screen continued to be available on all Samsung flagships till date. We did get the samsung fast charger with this update though which everyone loved.  This answered our question of how to make your phone charge faster with the qualcomm technology they put inside the phone and the charger.

Close to the end of 2014, Samsung announced that they will be producing tens of thousands of flexible displays in the years to come.


In 2015, it was reported that Samsung had filed for a patent on a new flexible device. The rumored concept featured interlocking panels that could unlock and slide thereby allowing the smartphone to flex. Not long after, there was a report by SamMobile about a device called Project V that was built in two parts and could be folded together in the middle. More reports came out that mentioned that the device would be released in 2016.


In 2016, the rumored name ‘Galaxy X’ was revealed in a SamMobile report that quoted news sources from Korea. It was expected that the device would be released in 2017 along with the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Note 8. The report claimed that the Galaxy X will look like a normal smartphone but will have the ability to double in size and resemble a tablet.

Later an article by Bloomberg mentioned that Samsung was working on two foldable devices. One that could fold in half...



like a cosmetic compact and another that could be unfurled into an 8-inch tablet from a 5-inch display. The report mentioned that Samsung would be showcasing the device in 2017.

Later that year, a patent that was earlier filed by Samsung was published. The patent featured a smartphone that could become a tablet and a wearable due to a stretchable display panel.

In September 2016, a report from a tech blog mentioned that Samsung had a patent for a foldable smartphone. The patent had some support images that mentioned the name ‘Galaxy Wings.’ The concept device looked like a smartphone that could have keyboard extensions on either side. Other images revealed that the device could be bent over in the form of a semi-circle or the quarter of a circle to be worn around the wrist.

By the end of September, Samsung was awarded a patent that revealed a foldable tablet that had a built-in keyboard and kickstand. The device had three foldable segments that revealed a keyboard and large screen when opened.

In November, a blog revealed what was supposed to be official renders of a foldable smartphone. The renders showed a smartphone that could fold over.

In December 2016, reports from South Korea revealed that Samsung was working on two phones with foldable displays. The report mentioned that one of the two devices will contain a fully flexible OLED display while the other one would have a dual screen setup that had a screen on either side of a hinge. The report mentioned that one device will be released first to test the market reception before the other device was revealed.


In January, the Korea Herald reported that Samsung would release over 100,000 units of fold-out devices in late 2017. It was rumored that Samsung was working on devices that will fold outwards instead of inwards since that will be more convenient for users.

In February, another South Korean source reported that Samsung would be displaying a prototype of a foldable display at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The source mentioned that only some select invitees would have a look at the prototype. The prototype was rumored to fold inwards like a book.

In March, another report revealed that Samsung was working on a final prototype of a foldable smartphone with plans to have a working prototype at the end of the year. It was mentioned that thousands of prototypes would be tested internally with the aim of starting mass production by 2018.

In April, a Chinese leaker tweeted that the Galaxy X will be released before the Note 8. But two days after, an engineer working for Samsung Display said there won’t be a foldable display any time earlier than 2019.

In July, it was revealed that Bluetooth certification body had certified an unknown Samsung device with model number SM-G88N0. The device with this same model number was also certified for Wi-Fi connectivity in 2017. When these kinds of certifications appear, it shows that a device is almost completed and will soon be launched.



Nothing further has been revealed of the Samsung Galaxy X till date. Samsung fans can grab the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 right now and enjoy the features this beast has to offer. Looking at current situation of things, we might have to wait much longer for a smartphone with a foldable display from Samsung.

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