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Cell Phone Insurance Is A Great Upsell In Your Retail Store

If you own a wireless retail store or a repair shop your probably wondering what is the best way to maximize your sales process per customer.

You can of course offer the customer cell phone accessories or speakers but that can cost a lot of money you have to put in to inventory for your store.   One of the best ways to capture higher margins and more sales is by having a great offering of cell phone insurance to your customers.

With smartphones becoming more and more expensive like the note 8 s pen phone,  each year the cell phone insurance business is booming and you can grab a piece of that business by making sure your customers know what can happen when the drop or crack the devices.  It can cost them a lot of money compare to what they paid because you do not get the upgrade pricing when having to purchase the device again...



if it does not have insurance.

There are a lot of different insurance plans available.

You can sell carrier insurance now or you can also offer manufacturer insurance from apple or samsung.

You can also offer insurance on some of the accessories your selling in store as well.

I would start with contacting the carrier you sell and see what options are available to offer there plans in your store if your not doing that already.  I would not stop there though because it is becoming more competitive each day and there are so many options available.  Some plans might pay double what others do so make sure your checking to see what rates they are paying.

If you are also gonna sell iinsurance on the accessories than I would contact squaretrade to see what options they have available for retail stores. I would not lose that opportunity because the profits can sometimes exceed what you make on selling the accessory.

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