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Full Version: ESN Shows clear, but Sprint says attached to account
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Hello, I enjoy using the site and have checked many ESNs but now I am having a problem with a Sanyo Zio for sprint. ESN checker shows clean, but sprint is insisting its attached to an account, I have spoken with 3 different CS people with no results. Any ideas? Thanks.
ESN is 268435457812584762
I just called Sprint, asked to be transferred to Tech Support, got a rep named Sam.

I asked him to verify the ESN 268435457812584762 and he said that it comes up clean.

I asked him the phone make/model and he said it was a Sanyo SCP-8600.

I asked him when the phone was last deactivated, he said 07/06/2011.

I asked him to see if he could setup a dummy account using the ESN on SNAP and he attempted to but SNAP said the device was only eligible for mobile broadband service. (new to me)

I asked him to try again, and he put me on hold for a moment and came back and said the device was clear and could be used.

I called again and asked a CSR who checked the ESN and said it was clean but offered me "something better" and I hung up.

The only thing I can say is to try and put it on an existing account from the web account manager.
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