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Full Version: Sprint iPhone shows clean but on someones acct
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I purchased a new in the box iPhone a couple nights ago that shows clean on here.

Had it sold and my customer told me he called Sprint and it is still on someone's account.

Wondering what is going on here...any help is appreciated.

MEID is A1000028537DF2
As a follow up I was able to reach the person I purchased from and she took it off her account.

So researching what happened may be a little more difficult.

But between Monday and just now it was showing clean here but was still on her account.
How odd.

All I can say is Sprint's system is junk.

We know that devices that show NOT CLEAN, and devices that show LOST/STOLEN or FRAUDULENT are all correct.

Just depends on how their system is setup if the device shows clean or not.

See, the MEID for that iPhone was tied to her account some how but wasn't actually active on a line according to what I got from a Sprint rep.

I don't know what Sprint is doing or why, but it has really screwed up checking their ESNs.
Thanks for your good work! I am about ready to give up on Sprint phones.
I recently bought an iPhone4 and called sprint customer service to check the ESN and it came back clean but tied to another account as active. What can I do to connect it?
The MEID is A1000028517F7A

Please help!
As our ESN checker shows, that device is not clean.

Until it is released from the owner whose account the device is listed on, there's not much you can do with it.
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