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Full Version: Straight Talk iPhone 5 on Verizon?
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I have a Straight Talk iPhone 5 Factory Unlocked that without a sim card in it registers on the tracphone towers. Any sim will pick up signal on whatever carrier I put in.

Strange part is, it is showing BAD ESN for straight talk but it is coming up clean for Verizon. I even called Verizon and they confirmed it is clean for activation with them and they confirmed the model and color.

With a Verizon 4G LTE sim, it registers on the Verizon network with signal and even allows me to dial *611 and connect to Verizon ONCE. After that, it says that my mobile number is invalid.

Any thoughts? Anyone had this phone and can confirm it will actually work for Verizon?

Because the iPhone 5 is an unbranded phone, they add all iPhone 5 IMEIs into their system in case the one you buy is setup to use on Verizon.

However, there are two different versions in the USA... GSM based and CDMA based.

The GSM based uses a different LTE frequency than the CDMA based... this is the only reason I can think why the Verizon LTE SIM does not work in the Straight Talk (AT&T/T-Mobile) based iPhone 5.
Thing is, it is a CDMA iPhone. Has the imei that starts with 99000 and without a sim card installed it automatically activates on TracPhone. I was using an unactivated Verizon SIM card so I might try activating one and trying it.

Another thing though, the esn is showing as not clean for straight talk. Is that because it is just out of minutes and they will still let me activate it with the same or new number or is it blacklisted? I tried calling Straight Talk customer service but she couldn't comprehend what I was saying and was reading her script way out of order.... lol. If it is bad ESN for CDMA straight talk, would I still be able to use a straight talk GSM sim with it? Not sure how the whole prepaid service works. I would think there is no way for an esn to be bad. If the account is allowed to expire then the esn is released. But that would be in a perfect world. Probably not how it happens. Lol

All of this matters nothing really, I am selling the phone but I would like to know just for my knowledge.
Ah, I see, It's a A1429 CDMA model. I was totally under the impression it operated on the AT&T network.

If it is unlocked, it should accept the SIM as long as they function on the same LTE frequencies, or a GSM SIM on all 4 frequencies.
Hey guys, I have a Verizon iPhone 5 and I was wondering is there anyway to get it on the ST CDMA (VZW) network ? Or do I have to do the sim method to use under ATT or tmo ?
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