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Full Version: Straight Talk/Net10 offering unlimited everything $45-50 sim only , full gsm byod
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Big deal on another forum. That's all great but I wish the other mvnos and prepaid divisions come out to counter it.
To clear things up...

At you can buy a fully unlocked mini and micro SIM to use in any network compatible (att/tmobile or unlocked) GSM phone you wish.

The limit is 2 SIMs per order. The SIM card is $14.99 each + shipping (my shipping was removed during checkout for purchasing 2 SIMs).

Once you receive the SIM, you can activate it on the Straight Talk Activation page using the pseudo ESN they send with your SIM, then you can put the SIM in any GSM phone you want, granted that the phone is unlocked, or from ATT/TMobile.
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