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Full Version: Unlocking on Straight Talk BYOD
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So today I was doing some testing and thought I'd try to see if AT&T would unlock my One X+ with a Straight Talk ATT SIM inserted into it.

When the rep asked for the AT&T phone number I told her the number associated with the SIM. She then asked for the "small business account password" and I told her a few that were incorrect, but I told her I needed an unlock code and she said she would be able to do that without account access.

I gave her the IMEI to the One X+ and she proceeded to get the unlock code for me but said the system can not generate an unlock code for my One X+ at this time, guess it's not old enough? Anyway, she told me that this happens from time to time and she has to forward me to tech support.

Once I was transferred, the tech support rep was unwilling to assist me without any account verification.

So, my conclusion is that AT&T can assist in unlocking AT&T phones associated with a Straight Talk ATT SIM customer, depending on the rep.
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