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Full Version: Sprint iphone 4s with Imei
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i always had sprint phones with esn's. but i bought an iphone recently to resell but it has imei number instead of esn. it has cydia installed but how do i check that which service it is meant for and if it is clean or not. even though it says sprint 13.0. thanks
The MEID is the IMEI minus the last digit.

So if you have a 15 digit IMEI, remove the last digit to get the 14 digit MEID Hex. You check both numbers as far as I know.
If it says Sprint 13.0, then it is a Sprint iPhone. Call up Sprint and ask them to verify the IMEI. They will tell you if it is. Some reps will ask for the MEID so as deathtrip stated, remove the last digit of the IMEI.
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