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Full Version: Checker says ESN is bad, Verizon says they're good.
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So I love this website and its the best tool I've seen on the web and I use it for hundreds of phones weekly.
Lately though a dubious amount of Verizon phones have been coming up as badESN, from providers that are very good at providing clean esn phones.
When I call Verizon at 18009220204 they say that a lot the the phones are all clean and ready for activation.
Galaxy S3
Galaxy S3
Droid Razr
LG Lucid

I know you guys get the results from verizons servers and I got wind that their servers were going through maintenance.
Any explanation on this?
The problem is how Verizon is associating the MEID and IMEI for their "dual mode" phones.

It truly is out of our hands at the moment.

We're waiting for the issue to be resolved, and ever since the updates were done over the past weekend, this has been a problem.

Some say you can rely on the MEID (IMEI minus last digit), others say only the IMEI matters.

We are hoping things will get better for Verizon in the next week, and do apologize for the problems we've been faced with.
I'm having the same problem: i tried to unlock my iphone 4s verizon and the guy says he checked with two and it came up as bad. But when i first bought i checked with verizon and it was clean and i tried to activate a line to see if it was correct. Today i checked here and it says: verizon>invalidESN, NCIC>cleanESN and mystolenphone>cleanESN, then checked again with verizon chat and they said it is clean...and to make sure i submitted to a guy on ebay to check it(waiting answer)...Anyone that experienced this problem solved it?
By the way i'm in Brazil and can't contact verizon line Sad

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