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Full Version: Checking ESNs with Net10 or Tracfone
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Due to authentication issues on the Tracfone/Net10 server, there may be times your result of an ESN check might be blank.

In the event your results are blank and the box shows only "Net10" or "Tracfone" in orange... just hit refresh, or check the ESN again. This should update the authorization protocol and show you the results of your ESN.
Thanks, I need to check the status on a phone I bought (in a retail store) that the lcd went out on but I still have the phone and wonder if the SIM card is useable Tried it in a net10 phone that I bought used on ebay that doesn't have a SIM card but it wouldn't work. I'm sure the phone number for my phone that the LCD went out in has been given to someone else, but I wonder if the SIM card could be used in another phone. Can't use my retail purchased phone because I can't see the screen and the ebay purchase just says "insert SIM" BOTH ARE LG900G NET10 PHONES. I'm not very good at this, please advise where do I put the numbers from the battery compartment on this site to see if the ESN's on these phones are clean?
On the main site, where the gray tab say sprint, click it and select net10 then enter the imei under it in the white box, then click the check esn button.
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