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Full Version: Droid X2 Verizon: clean ST: invalid
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Help me Obi Wan Deathtrip, you're my only hope!

Since Sprint decided we were roaming too much and didn't feel like putting up a tower out in the boonies, then ended our contract ETF-free but wanted our phones back (after a year...).

We have a couple of older verizon phones to use until we can get up the cash for new "real" phones, including a Droid X2. It belonged to my step-dad who upgraded to a GS3 (still active) so the esn should be good to go.

I bought a BYOP pack from walmart and tried to activate it on the site. When I hit submit, it just takes me back to the first part of the form, all info gone. I tried a couple of different browsers thinking that was the problem.

Eventually, I gave up and called customer service who were worse than useless. The best I could get out of the 4 reps I talked to was "I will have encounter an error activating your device. The system say this network access code is incompatible with your device."

Since I already have a BYOP pack, I'd like to avoid buying a donor phone (done quite a bit of homework on that) for something that should be activatable without issue.

I've read a few HoFo and etc threads that seem to indicate I need to activate that phone on Verizon, then port it to Straight Talk.

Your advice?
It seems to me that you are trying to use a Droid X2 (A CDMA phone) on straight talk, a GSM network. This will not work, like the rep said, your phone is not compatible with the network. There are some phones that will run on verizon with straight talk, such as the galaxy s facsinate but they must be flashed
ST has a BYOP service for GSM and CDMA.

You can read more here,

I have never used their CDMA BYOP service so I don't know too much about it or how it functions.

Is it possible their system is malfunctioning right now?

Also, support from ST is horrible, trust me I have dealt with them MANY times.
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