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Full Version: Error Reading - Checker response
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What does this response mean? I'm just chugging away here at work checking some ESNs and now we are getting this error for most of the Verizon ESNs. Is this some kind of short term bug? The side has been working so much better lately.
It appears they are down for maintenance at the moment.

Just checked again and things are back up. (1:00 PM Central)
Still getting some Verizon ESN's that say 'errorReading'. Is there a way to check to see if Verizon's servers are still down?
Yea, the issue is happening intermittently on Verizon's server and it's out of our hands.

However, the errorReading message was suppose to to be removed and that event was suppose to go to the errorCREDITED event so that the user was given back one free credit if there was an error checking an ESN.

I just now set it that way for Verizon, so you shouldn't see the errorReading message anymore, and the errorCREDITED is shown if there is an issue retrieving the data from the carrier, and then you're given back one free check (if you're checking them as a free user).
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