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Full Version: Need some help with BAD MEID
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Need some help with the MEID coming up lost or stolen on iphone 99000263xxxxxx

mod edited to mask ESN.
You're absolutely right, it's coming up as a stolen ESN.

Meaning it belonged to someone else and they reported it stolen to Sprint (or a Sprint MVNO).

Nothing more you can do about it as it isn't usable anymore.
But what if it wasnt reported stolen but it was blacklisted cause of no payment
It's not blacklisted if the carrier blocks it from being used due to non-payment.

If someone stops paying for the device, the carrier has the option to block the phone from being used on their network.

However, as long as it's not reported lost/stolen, it CAN be used on another carrier as long as it supports that carrier's frequencies/bands.

For example, if Sprint blocks the device from being used due to non-payment, and if the device is an LTE device that supports Verizon's bands, you should be able to use a Verizon LTE SIM on the device as long as it is not SIM Locked.
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