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Full Version: Sprint system glitch with my ESN
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I bought a used Samsung Conquer on ebay (unknown ESN status), so I log into my Sprint acct online, activate it, no problems, the phone is working as it should, making calls and texts. I use the Conquer for a few hours, then I replace the Conquer with an Evo 3D. I activate the 3D online, and put the Conquer in a drawer assuming it is now deactivated from my account and can be sold with a clean ESN. So today I'm getting ready to put the Conquer on ebay so I come here, punch in the ESN, it says that it is active, I try on Sprint's website, same result. I call Sprint and explain the problem, they are of no help at all, they even told me the date I activated it on my account, but two different CSR's seem very confused and are of no help at all. They tell me it is active on an account that is not in use??? I'm thinking that the ESN was bad, but the system mistakenly allowed my to activate it??
Ah, how long ago did you activate it, then deactivate it? How long has it been in the drawer?

Here's something I'm wondering...

Is it possible the person you got the phone from removed it from their account, put an old junk phone on their account and sold the Conquer, then cancelled their account? If so, Sprint very well could have blocked the ESN after realizing what the original owner had done.

I've seen this happen a few times in the past, but don't know what determines if they will block the ESN, or put it back on the now inactive account as money being owed, or what.
I activated it on April 4th, 2012, used it for a few hours, then swapped it. I checked the esn today and found the problem. I've done this many times before so that the esn is then associated with my account, which I always keep in good standing. It's weird, but i'm glad it is a cheap phone
BTW, this site is great, very helpful, unlike Sprint
Unfortunately adding it to your account for a few hours, then swapping back to your original phone doesn't remove the devices association with the account it was originally tied to.
i just checked the ESN here and now is shows that it is clean!! I'm confused but happy
I'm going to assume that Sprint has cleared the ESN then.

That's the only way it can show clean again.
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