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Full Version: use MEID to return device details (make, model, LTE/non LTE)
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Hi all,

wondered if anyone knows of an online EIR service that would allow query by API using MEID (DEC or HEX) and return details of the handset particularly whether it is LTE capable or not. Failing that, one that at least returns the make and model would be nice!

Many thanks
Based on IMEI alone, yes, but not for ESN/MEID.

There is no national database for CDMA devices like there is for IMEI based devices.

You may contact the The GSM Association (google it) for "legal access" to this database. Be warned, it is very pricy for an annual subscription to their database.

There are others out there who illegally sell access, or provide basic information based on the IMEI from the GSM Association's database.
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