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Full Version: Sprint & MVNOs question
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I have read this forum... dating back well over a year now, and could not find the answer to this question - only hints that make me think I am barking up the proverbial tree.

If I purchase a phone second hand, that codes for Sprint's network, and it has a clear ESN AND it is not 'tied to an existing account' can that phone be activated to work with Sprint - or any of Sprint's MVNOs (e.g., Virgin Mobile, for instance.)

If not, why not, and if so, then under what set of circumstances? I realize that there is a huge push among the network providers to 'sell' you new phones ... even to the exclusion of other used phones that might operate on their network. I also know that some phones come with different antennas and/or protocols that may or (may not optimally) or may not function with any (other) given vendor. But how is the lay person to know? Perhaps there is some anarchist's primer available? :-o)

So if I buy a used phone made for the Sprint network, under what circumstances will it work with 1) Sprint, or 2) A Sprint MVNO?

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I have the exact questions and feel the same way. Please notify me if you have found out any other information that might be helpful.
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