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Full Version: Invalid ESN after warranty replacement
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I sent my Huawei Nexus 6p in for warranty. The replacement is identical in appearances and model number, but the ESN is different. I had Straight Talk before all this but now they say it's incompatible. How can I fix this?

(I tried Verizon Prepaid and they said it doesn't show up in their system. They said they could add it to their system if their system could confirm it's an identical device, but they could not. When I look up the ESN on another site who's name cannot be used on this forum it confirms it's a Nexus 6P.

Straight Talk says it can be activated as a Sprint phone, but that it would be limited to Sprint towers. Sprint doesn't have any towers in my area. Huawei says they have no control over carrier databases.)
You need to put your Straight Talk SIM Card into the phone.

Did you not keep your SIM card from the phone you sent in?
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