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Clear ESN Verizon but Stolen Under US IMEI
01-30-2015, 01:49 PM
Post: #11
Wanted to give another update on the iPhone 6 plus.

I went into an AT&T store with one of their sims and the phone worked (calls and data). The more I dig into it I feel it was unpaid on T-Mobile.

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09-04-2015, 09:56 PM
Post: #12
I have had similar problems with verizon note 4s. The first one ended up coming back ad blacklisted with verizon but clean on att and imei blacklist. Then was blacklisted on Imei and still listed as stolen on Verizon. A few days later, it was globally blacklisted, but suddenly came back ad clean with verizon and every gsm carrier. But still on the imei blacklist. Now I have a note edge that shows stolen on verizon, bit clear with att and on the us blacklist but blacklisted on the international blacklist. So far, it hasn't changed like the first note 4 I had, but I haven't had it as long either. Ive tested it and of works fine on att. I'm curious if anyone had am explanation for this or has experience with this? I assumed if it was really stolen It would be blacklisted by all us carries. It may clear. I thought perhaps its temporarily caused by financing but becomes delisted after so many days and becomes clear with Verizon again. Thoughts?

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